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We are a professional Pressure Booster Pump of manufacturer, supplier and factory specilizing in manufacture and export a wide rang of these products for many years, We can be flexible of your business needs and make the products according to your designed pictures, customed samples, and detailed requirements.
  • Pressure Booster Pump - JA-200

Model: JA-200
Pressure Booster Pump
JA-200 Series Booster Pumps
Automatic flow switch patent design.
Union joint pipe design, easy to clean and  replace.
It can endure the high temperature up to 80°C.
High flow design. Five taps can be used at the same time.
Downward booster makes the pressure running stable.
Silence & better quality.

Domestic booster water heater.
Water pipe recirculation system.
Downward booster.
Solar water heater booster.

Liquid temperature:0~40℃ / 32~104℉
HP range:1/4HP / 200W
Rated Speed:2900 / 3500 rpm
Protection class:IP55
Maximum Suction:1M

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Pressure Booster Pump

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